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    Hello all. I'm a major fan of the "escape game" genre. I've played several games on this site but recently had an interesting problem. I will try to be a concise as possible with my issues. I tried playing some of the latest releases (ie "Joyous living Room Escape", "Red Living Room Escape" etc) and I would get stuck in a "loop". To elaborate:the "bar" at the bottom indicates that the game is loading. It immediately goes to an advertisement (ad sponsored...no problem), then you click on "continue" (lower right corner). Then the screen prompts you to "click here to play the game". When I do this it loops back to an advertisement and the whole process repeats itself without the game. Any ideas to solve this problem? As a side note, my "flash player" is up to date.


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    Hi Sanjuro66,

    we informed the great wise spiked turtle about the problem. Thanks for pointing it out.

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