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Thread: Peronis Orcam RPG-Multiplayer table-top dice game. need testers please!

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    Default Peronis Orcam RPG-Multiplayer table-top dice game. need testers please!

    Ive taken the liberty of making an entire new game to combat the arduousness of D&D so those of us who like table-top games can play without checking a million books and stuff for silly things that mean too little to make sense. its like WoW meets D&D meets pokemon meets league of legends meets elder scrolls. its a game of the imagination and its a game for social play either over the internet, or in person. everything is constantly being updated and i am currently testing it in its beta phase right now. Once we put animations to it, we will need numbers to complete the scripting. i need those numbers before they are done and need new testers. ppl who will honor the honor system, and help me exploit the game so i can find it's flaws. HELP ME PERFECT THIS GAME so we can all play and have fun not worrying if we did a perception check or not lol. No books to buy, just simple notepad explanations of how to play and how to make your character and interact with the world. two modes so far, wilderness-survival mode, and conquest-risk-like domination including economic and military decision making and 10man raiding. i have a full agro system, loot system, exp/lvling system, gear and items, professions, and much more. plz join me and help me make this the best it can be. if you are interested contact me at please and ill send you a copy of the most recently updated version of Perois Orcam. Thank you.
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    Id like to clear up that this game can be played in a 1-player mode, but is only for personal exploration. I did not mean to make it sound like it had to be played with multiple people.

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