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Thread: Ju-on House Mysteries Escape

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    Exclamation Ju-on House Mysteries Escape

    Ju-on House Mysteries is the 36th point and click escape game from crazy escape games. In this game, you’re stuck in a mystery ghost house. Try to solve the mysteries of Ju-on and escape from the scary place alive. Good Luck & have fun!

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    Found spike, log, matches and hook. I see other hotspots but I'm not able to do anything /w them...?

    Now have arrow clue...placed cube.
    Solved stove dial, and now have 4th number/colour, and now pentagon.

    I think I'm stuck. I need star and I can't figure out how to open kitchen wall panel, or ceiling panel...
    Searched and searched again; was that hard to find!

    Found last items, and out.
    Nice game!
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