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Thread: [Android] [2.3+] [Free] Game for Company (in Russia this game called "Фанты" [fʌnty])

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    Talking [Android] [2.3+] [Free] Game for Company (in Russia this game called "Фанты" [fʌnty])

    The meaning of the game is to perform tasks that are on the card accidentally falling out. In Russia, this card game for company very popular and she called "Фанты" [fʌnty].

    This game is a great option for the theme of a holiday or a party. This game will create a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere in your company, because some tasks overwhelmed feelings and emotions!
    The game is also suitable for children, believe me, they just love it.

    • 100 colorful cards with fun tasks
    • Entertainment on holiday or vacation is guaranteed!
    • Great fun for both adults and children
    • The updates will be added to a variety of themed decks. In the updates will be added new deck of cards, mainly thematic. For example, New Year and Christmas cards, Halloween,14 February cards and so on.
    Suggest to themes for the collections in the recall, and we will add them!


    FREE Download on Google Play
    [0,99$ NO ADS] Buy on Google Play

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