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Thread: Favorite music/bands

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    My complete favorite music history ()
    I mostly listen to rock/pop, but can listen to any kind of music. When I started listening to music, I was a fan of Rammstein. They were the only band I really liked, and I still think they're great. The only heavy band I've ever liked, and that's because of the language. German might not be the most beautiful language in the world, but I still like it.
    Deutsch ist wunderbar. (= German is great)
    When Juanes' music started to get played on our radio stations, I became a fan of him.."La camisa negra" is great, isn't it? I liked all his songs even though I didn't know any Spanish.
    Little by little I started to like Nordic music: my next favorite was Kent from Sweden (our dear neighbouring country).
    But then something happened.. I heard this song "Romeo" from a band called Sunrise Avenue. I heard it just as I was leaving for school (the TV was on), and thought "another poor Finnish band..". I was a fan of Basshunter at that time. (o.O). And on the radio station I listened to the most, there was this daily top 30- chart, which the listeners created by voting. I was sooo angry because the song I loved the most, Basshunter's "Boten Anna", was always beaten by Sunrise Avenue (=SA)'s "Fairytale Gone Bad".
    But, about two months later SA's newest single "Forever Yours" started to get played on the radio. And here's the strangest thing ever: the song was brilliant, and because of it I started to like the band I used to hate. And that's what I still think, Sunrise Avenue is my all-time favorite. I know that many of you have never heard of them, yet.

    PS. If reading this changed your opinion about music, please remember that I am not responsible for that.

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    haha, no.


    I'm more of a rock-heavy metal type person. You come to grow on it in the battlefield. It tends to take the edge off.
    But I like rock bands like, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, and things like Alter Bridge and Rev Theory.
    I also like things like Five fingered death punch, and am being introduced to a band called Hollywood Undead.

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    I'm extremely ecclectic as far as music goes.
    I love everything from big band and swing to heavy metal and death core.
    I'm at home on a dance floor and in a mosh pit.

    At the moment, the band dominating my playlist is Paramore.
    I've fallen back into my rut of them. For some reason I can't get enough.
    They're creeping up to my top five.

    But above all else, I mainly listen to Broadway show tunes.
    It's the chorus geek in me. I'm not ashamed, either. :p
    Kate the Great!

    lover. <3

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    Default What's Your Favorit Band?

    This my first thread ever so forgive me if i mess up
    Just post your favorite band and your favorite song by said band
    I'll do mine as an example

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    eat my dust

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    i love indie and rock

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    California Boy! :) But currently here in the Philippines :)


    I voted for Alternative and Techno

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    I like a lot of different kinds of music
    From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me

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    Rock and Rap are my favorite music bands.

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