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    Post searching a game

    I played it in around 2008 or 2009 but it's most likely much older.*I can't remember the name at all, really.*It's really similar to the Shadowrun games. The atmosphere and graphics almost exactly like in Blade Runner. In fact, this looks quite like a real scene from the game I have in mind:**The scene in my game was almost the same composition, on the right side there was a police motorcycle parked on the pavement and a police man and the narrator talked a little. On the left side on the floor was a soda can and a newspaper.*Another scene: The narrator is on the rooftop of a high building and sees this girl, he talks to her and probably she is pretty sad. The next day he hears in the radio that this girl jumped off the roof and killed herself.*
    Another scene: The guy is in his office maybe, he checks the computer and there are a few names of criminals he wanted to track down. I think in the room next door is a desk, a couch and a bathtub and on the wall is a piece of newspaper and a photo of a girl, maybe his girlfriend or daughter who died.

    i hope someonecould help me :3

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    I'm looking for it are, please give information

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