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Thread: OddPawn (now OddPawn V3)

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    So I'm still stuck on level 47 in Chapter one. I'm on the
    , but no matter what I type, I get nothing.
    Also, I'm stuck on Some Like It Odd, on level Bravo. I know
    but every time I type in
    and variations on that, I get nothing! Not even an easter egg or anything! I looked on the facebook page (I couldn't post on it because I don't have FB) and I saw a comment by one person saying to remember what type of building it was, but that hint just confuses me even more! Am I on the wrong track?
    Am I just mad?!? I don't know! Please help!

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    Can somebody please help me on Sandy Claws, the 3rd eggs with 4 letters? What should I do with them? Thanks.

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    Level 47: isn't this the level with the dark screen?
    Bravo: where can you find this tower you mentioned? be specific

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    Return of the Pawn

    blocked at End of chapter

    found an egg
    You are on the right track but it's the wrong answer

    google for
    O*****y + 10000
    looked for the m*****n d******r
    but nothing works

    i jumped directly here from level 21
    but should there be 25 levels?

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    Level 47: Yeah, Level 47 is the one with the dark screen.
    Bravo: I know it's at the
    , and I know it's in
    and I know it's near the
    and I know that in French the tower is
    but NONE of these locations even yield an egg!

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    Level 47: ok, is she wearing any clothing?
    Bravo: for each correct answers, you will be given an egg that contains letters (2) that will combine to form the final answer. You are close, double check your spelling!

    Can I please get some hint on the chess level Apollonia Corleone? I found like a bunch of words but none worked?
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    I finally finished level 47! Thanks for the nudge!
    Now I'm on the weird Level XIII and

    Also, on Bravo...


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    Bravo: did you spell "le Tour Eiffel" correctly?

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    hello all,

    new to the forum and i know that there has been some time since anyone has posted. I love this game, and am in desperate need of help! Here's where I am;

    Some like it odd - Juliet - I have the number and the country got an egg saying I can't help you anymore

    Return of the Pawn -Bilbo - have translated and also what was in the source, put in a band's name and it says, no no no not that name...tried every other version....nada

    grampawn simpson - grampa - I have what i think are four of the five words....the only one i'm missing is the fourth word

    nighmare - Cyclops - added all the numbers and said not that...

    oddfather - al neri- totally animals type but nada

    harry odder - Ginny - any idea where i can find the cipher?

    any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated...i just do one as far as i can and then move on to next chapter when i get frustrated or stuck!!

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    ok... got cyclops on to Dr. Finkelstein...

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