Hey, this site is no longer monitored for help for this old riddle but awesome game. I know Facebook is not for everyone (especially now), but that is where all of the helpers are. So, if you hate FB, create a fictitious login and ping https://www.facebook.com/search/top/...cebook%20group for real help on all levels. Otherwise, use your normal account and hit that link. Or, just solve these on your own I couldn't. But maybe you are 1.

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hello all,

new to the forum and i know that there has been some time since anyone has posted. I love this game, and am in desperate need of help! Here's where I am;

Some like it odd - Juliet - I have the number and the country got an egg saying I can't help you anymore

Return of the Pawn -Bilbo - have translated and also what was in the source, put in a band's name and it says, no no no not that name...tried every other version....nada

grampawn simpson - grampa - I have what i think are four of the five words....the only one i'm missing is the fourth word

nighmare - Cyclops - added all the numbers and said not that...

oddfather - al neri- totally clueless...got animals type but nada

harry odder - Ginny - any idea where i can find the cipher?

any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated...i just do one as far as i can and then move on to next chapter when i get frustrated or stuck!!