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Thread: Caravaneer

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    it can be found here :

    even though its a little hard to understand...

    anyone still play this game?

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    I nearly won the game, just failed. made over $4 mill. had 15 men, 11 cars (Hummer and Land Rovers) and 6 horses and tigan carts. that means you can go a lot quicker and evade the police . Don't OVER equip your men. M14 each, grenades and perhaps 2 rocket launchers. Oh one other thing, the bribe only has to be 20,000 if offered first.
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    just a short thing here umm what i did was buy the big blue water container in 1st town. and 40 food andd like 100 meds and a few forage then buy leather then go to cagnal sell the leather buy shoes then go to drrushnak and sell em then buy clothes there and back to poca sell the clothes buy another persona and equip them with a wepon rifle or sumthin and a cart smal then keep doin tht

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    I finished the game already, currently I have 17mill, 22 people a lot of cars and weapons
    Save ALWAYS in this game. The key is having good men and paying attention at prices to make your OWN ROUTE!
    At first, the game varies based on what you buy or sell. Every transition may change the whole game.
    For my gam,e it was like this: Selling leather from Poca Cosa to Caganel, then buying shoes there, selling to Drushlak, clothes from Drushlak to poca Cosa. Pay attention, if you're not getting money from this, change the route, sell shoes for Poca Cosa etc...
    When you have enough money or just can't get more, if you have 3 or 4 armed guys, try gettingo to Verdammter Platz. Save before, in Caganel, if you're attacked by several guys just load it.
    Then make your own orutes based on the prices. In most cases, the better route is leather from Poca Cosa to Caganel then shoes from Canel to Verdammter and wahtever you judge good. Once you have good money, more men and good weaponry (there are a LOT of weapons in Diep Gat, check the map) and at least 80k, then tak the mission from desert patrol, pay the bribe for the ex-robber in Drushlak and try going to Abu Kirdyk scouted. If you manage to destroy the robbers base, good for you. Take your payment at the Desert Patrol and then I HIGHLY recommend you to stop working for them, go to Qubba, paying the police and work for the government, You will not have to pay the police anymore and it's quite easy to finish the game.
    Hope I helped ^^


    In my opinion the M4 is the best weapon, it's very accurate.
    In the beginning, I highly recommend buying Najid Al Habash, actually he's one of the best team members and in the beginning he's 3 times better than you, except for the health.
    Buy Rocket Launchers and Grenades as soon as you can, in the future, if you destroy the Desert Patrol working for the government (it's easy, you just need to take a single man to Verdammter Platz lol) you will be able to attack caravans and no one will chase you, an caravans have like 20~40 men ,but with rockets you kill 10 men in a row, if you have at least 5 people with rockets you're almost unbeatable, in the others you put grenades =)
    When buying a new member, look at his HP, WEIGHT CAPACITY (for future launchers and armory) sniper and AP
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    Cool Yeah...

    There seems to be a game like that, it's called Frontier, it's awesome. You should play it, also I will try out this game.

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    Nice game. And I love the fact that it's free! Teehee..

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    Remember to calculate distances between the towns and how long it will take you to get there, then you can check the consumption rates of your animals and characters and prepare accordingly

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    What should I type into the computer in the Fort Goks military base? (I work for John Sheppard and I have succeeded to sneak in with a false pass)

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