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Thread: OgOg Alive

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    to find a spear you need to climb... high... beware of the foul mouthed monkey

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    Exclamation wot monkeys !!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by anya
    to find a spear you need to climb... high... beware of the foul mouthed monkey
    wot monkey and dose any 1 no how to get pass the jumping stones and not be killed by fish

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    Can somebody post a walkthrough plz

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    this is kinda hard u need to have food with you so u can get your energy back when the fish bit you.

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    you can climb up the tree,and jump to left..and than,you can pick up the feathers and the egg..
    and the honey,i dont know how to get it,but when you used the stick on the "bee's house" ,it will fall down... thats all what i know now.. sorry for my bad english

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    Post spoiler

    hey i got this from teh ogog forum on the bottom where it says talk about this still on lvl 2 though and i dont know how to make a spear so if any one knows lemme know

    Level 1 - Gathering food

    Fruits - found on trees
    Roots - buried in the ground up towards the waterfall but not across the river (looks like little bushes)
    Mushrooms - the white ones are edible
    Fish - you can grab the blue ones out of the water when they are close to shore
    Egg- located in the birds nest (walk on the vine underneath the branch to get into the tree)
    Bananas - stand near the monkey's tree and eventually he'll throw a banana at you (bring food to eat because your life
    points wind down every time you get hit)
    Rats - create a bow out of the green vine, the curved twig, feathers (in birds nest), straight twigs (found on island),
    and arrow heads (cross the river then climb the rocks cliff to
    the patch of stones that looks different)
    Honey - Taunt the monkey into throwing a coconut at you which you can split in
    half with a rock and use a shell to carry honey once you've knocked the hive down (located on one of the islands)

    Level 2 - Kill the Tiger

    There's two ways to kill the sabre tooth tiger. One is to feed him poisonous rat, and the second is to make him fall
    into a pit. The first way is easier. Remember that when you cook any kind of food it will attract him, and if you're
    in the way he'll attack you.

    For both plans, you need fire. Create a fire by gathering the strange stone located in the birds nest, another small
    stone, some hay, some twigs (not sticks used for arrows), and a log. Put the stones together, then hay, then throw
    the twigs and logs on the fire.

    To create poisonous rat, stuff a rat with the red and white mushroom then throw it on the fire. The tiger will then
    come and eat it then die.

    To kill the tiger by dropping him into a pit, you need three banana leaves obtained by shooting the banana tree across
    the river. Take the leaves to the pit and cover it with leaves. Build a fire nearby and roast a rat on it. Then QUICKLY
    pick the rat up and throw it on the pit. The sabre will smell it, try to eat the rat and then fall in.

    Level 3 - Luring a mate (this depends on whether you're playing as a woman or man ogog)

    If female: Feed male ogog some meat (rat, fish, mammoth meat--if you park the mammoth near the cave mouth, you can
    knock the rock at the top of the cave down on to him) and he'll follow you into the cave. If you don't go immediately
    into the cave, he loses interest and wanders away.

    If male (not sure if this is 100%): Give female flowers, such as the big pink one located on the island, or for more
    points try the diamond located near the tar pits (reach the tar pits by jumping across stones and navigating several

    There are other puzzles in level three such as the cave painting, and interior cave design. I have read that if you are
    luring the female ogog, she won't stay in your cave if it's not decorated.

    Couch log - hidden in hushes near the rock cliff
    Hollow logs - around the place, throw leaves on them to make drums that the orangutan will play for you
    Table stump - near the monkey tree

    You'll need the mammoth to help you move the logs, but if you make the drums in situ, you can carry them yourself. If you get the mammoth to throw them at the bush near the
    entrance of the cave, they'll appear inside in the proper place.

    Other things you can decorate with are:

    Torch - tar pit, use fire to light
    Skins - mammoth and tiger skins
    Wall painting - Throw the charcoal at the faint images inside the cave wall. Find the coloured lumps of ochre on the rock cliff, put them in a coconut half to make paint and do the same (I have never found the third paint, but have managed to put water in a third coconut half by dropping it on the shallow water to the left of the mammoth berries.

    This is as far as I have got, but am only scoring
    low points (rat or monkey). Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    to get a best score in level 1 put rat or fish last and do it quickly
    level 2- Iam sure there is something else to do beside killing the tiger; maybe something to do with torches
    level 3- to get white paint burn some straw then put water over it; keep ashes in coconut half

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    Unhappy help!

    in level do you get across to the other side of the river to get the banana, coconut, and arrowhead. i cant seem to be able to jump on the rocks very well.

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    Thumbs up

    yeah it is hard to get aross sometimes you get across sometime u don't and you have to avoid gettin eat. but keep tryin you will get across.

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    Question Honey?

    How do I use the coconut half to get the honey? I've obtained a coconut, split it in half with a rock, and threw rocks at the tree with the hive to knock it (the hive) down, but I'm unable to do that final step. OgOg just throws the coconut half at the hive, with no effect.
    PS: Although the extremely slow speed of my computer is usually annoying, it helps in this game, because it's much easier to avoid the things the monkey throws & those aggravating pirahna (although they often hang out in the path I'm going to take. I think they're doing this deliberately, which is a sign of higher intelligence. If I take too long, I fear they'll have evolved enough brainpower to start hunting ME with tools!)

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