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Thread: Flash Animation

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    Default Flash Animation

    Hey everyone. I finally managed to get Flash pro 8 so I'm developing animations and games on there.
    Here is my first animation I made
    I know its much but it's a good start for flash.
    If you want to view it your going to have to download the .gif for now.
    Last edited by ILikePizza; 10-05-2008 at 23:40:05. Reason: File won't move

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    it isnt moving

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    I'm understand that.I going to to fix it.
    Edit: Ok fixed it
    Last edited by ILikePizza; 10-07-2008 at 01:48:21.

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    Hey has anyone downloaded the gif?

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    Default Flash Animation

    so I would like to learn how to do Flash animation. For example, flash cartoons like on newgrounds Does anybody know where I can learn how to do something like that? Any tips and info are welcome.

    Hello, Im 6 years old, Im shooting and editing a video myself, please rate my new video, thanks !!!

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