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Thread: What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed

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    Default What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed

    This is a very unique and innovative game for download (Windows):
    You play 2 games at the same time, the screen is divided into top and bottom halves, one for each game (see attached image). Using your mouse, you trigger something different in each game. To find out how the two different stories are linked, you need to complete both games at the same time. The game has multiple endings, and can be played in English and Japanese.
    After completing the game, you will be given a code to add your name to the online Hall of Completion.

    The stories:
    1) Drama based on Japanese Mythology: Trapped deep within the caverns of the land of shadow, Izanami, the Goddess of Life, pleads for help. She was waited for millenia, but today her waiting ends. The spirit of a female samurai has finally appeared. Can the nameless samurai help release the fallen god and uncover the mysterious past surrounding Izanami's imprisonment? Many challenges lie in her path, but with your guidance, Izanami can be freed to rule over the world to which she gave birth.
    2) Funny comic: You play as DocMcVonSpaceburger Junior, son of DocMcVonSpaceburger, owner of DocMcVonSpaceburgers, the most profitable Spaceburger chain in the galaxy. But your father has a bit of a gambling problem, and has put the entire family fortune in jeopardy! Luckily, you have more cunning in your little pink speedo than your father has in his whole body. The fate of the restaurant lies in your hands!

    Download Here (.rar file, 42.6 MB)

    Download Here (.zip file, 71.4 MB)

    Interactive Online Manual
    Visit homepage

    Technical Recommendations by the game creator:

    This game uses a lot of animations and transparencies on the screen at once, and since the engine lacks real hardware acceleration, the game will get bogged down on slower computers.
    On a slow computer (say, less than 1.5GHz) animations will slow down and the sound will often skip.
    I’ve included an option in the game’s option menu that turns off some of the uneccessary effects which can help performance.
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