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Thread: Adventures in Slugland

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    Default Adventures in Slugland

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    Default ?

    can anyone help me
    Im stuck in level 2 (that one after the beginner lvl)

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    This game is a crib. somebody had makeovered the game "flowering nose in slugland", which is one of the greatest on-line adventure games. I simply recommend playing orginal version.

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    and to the previous post, simply use an axe on the ground, U will find a rock that u can give to the statue

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    Default please help!!

    i'm playing over 2 hours and i can't find the last thing for my garden(cactus)
    whate i have or had...:
    Strawberry, Cherry, Carrot, Cheese(only one), Mashroom,Banana. But no Cactus

    Donut,Key,Cake,Bones,Pickaxe,Llama,Gold,Rock,Bomb( can't find a use to it, only falling to hell ) ,Present,Bucket,Chest,Glasses,Flippers,Slugdall,Sp rout,Letter.

    I've been everywhere! can't find the cactus, or maybe something else too.

    1. at one point at the game it got stuck and i could collect more than 99 flowers
    is that a bug or it should be?
    2. after i got the sprout and opened the garden door i dont see sign and messages

    Help Me
    if u need help about things i have i can help

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    Default need help with flippers

    How do I get the flippers? I have found a chest, it's open, but I cant get a flipper!

    thank you for help me!

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    There are 2 chests, one in hell and one in key level.
    one of them has flippers, u need to go to carrot level show the chest to xnas tree and then open it with a thing on the same level(dont remember the name)

    Still need cactus

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    Red face I#m stuck

    I have:
    Strawberry, Cherry, Carrot, Cheese, Mashroom, Donut, Key, Cake, Bones, Pickaxe, Gold, Rock, Bomb, Present, Chest, Flippers,
    And now I'm stuck!
    I have been to all the levels but I don't know what to do next, perhaps I haven't understood somthing, my English isn't so good.


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    u should have 2 gold (one of them can become a golden llama if u bring it to the big oak...)
    in mashroom level, u can get a banana if u kill someone near the mashroom queen.

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    Wink how to find the cactus

    The cactus is in the banana world, its the sun of the big one! You must kill the snakes, then you will find a second present and Bob the cactus, you can take him!

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