This one is hard but easy to explain, in this game, you count up. Seems easy right? Well no, you can also count down, even go in the negatives! Still seems easy right? Well, now you're wrong. You can't do down up down up, but there's also some rules (starting from the left and going to the right)

If the number is divisible by 6, you put the word in reverse, if the number is divisable by 3, you put the number in reverse, if the number plus 6 is a prime number ending in 7, you put the number and word in the message and reverse the entire message, if the number is 2 fibbonaci numbers in a row, you say as much digits of pi you know out of your head instead, if anyone doesn ot follow these rules or accidentally says the wrong number, the game is over and you start back at 1. I start,

eno 1