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Thread: My Diamond Baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kzin View Post
    Worked in Chrome and a pop-up window
    Ah okay. I use Chrome, and I have a Mac, perhaps those two factors. The Jayisgames one works for me though... Those cat-like skills finding things..... I'm opening this one up again as well with those links. Feeling proud you're saving important stuff!
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    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    okay....... did you see the numbers in a circle on the wall???
    those numbers are the colours.

    For example (numbers and letters will be different in the game):

     55                       G
    12 21 ---> interchange it with     -->  P B
    34 11    what on the tv and letters     R Y
     20     on the wall             O

    Green = G
    Pink = P
    Blue = B
    Yellow = Y
    Orange = O

    since you now having the order of these colours, xender discord omegle fill the colour wheel with those colours in the same order~
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    I fail to see how this has anything to do with your rank? You're not matched against your rank.

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    Nice game. I've got as far as opening the small plastic safe but can't work out what to do with what is inside...
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