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open letter, take green paper
take battery from gold bowl
click at the bottom of gold bowl to get key
click under safe with glass doors to get battery
go left
take remote
take battery from globe
go left
take rake
take key from flower pot
go left
take soda
take note from toaster
use key on green box to get donut
use rake on rug (many many MANY times - edit: from left to right, first screen) to get screwdriver
use screwdriver on board under fish tank to find grey box
password for grey box = 200115
take Mentos
put soda in the corner with arrow and open it
use Mentos on soda to get battery
use donut on platform by the window to get battery from eagle
open the SLIDING safe under window. Password: Abu
use key on safe under pin board
enter numbers on calculator in this order:
+ 4000 + 2000 x 5 - 10000 x 2 + 1911 (total should equal 41911)
this will open the safe with glass doors
get spatula from safe
use spatula on “danger piranhas” poster to get battery
use spatula on drawer with toaster to get mallet
use mallet on dresser drawers to get wrench
use wrench on the upper part of fish tank (grey knob)
open the lid
put batteries in remote
use remote on key to float key to surface
use key on safe above the fish tank
put the colors in order on the right side ( 1 yellow, 2 blue, 3 green, 4 red)
it should turn green
use hammer on the bottom part of metal door to remove pins
press yellow arrow

a game by renagade, walkthrough by HANFGARN, rewritten by me!