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Thread: Dance 'Til You Drop!

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    Default Dance 'Til You Drop!

    Hop into the exercise shoes of the Slimmeister himself, Richard Simmons, as you dance and solve puzzles during a not-so-typical day at his aerobics hall.

    Richard's almost out of cash and to make matters worse an anonymous reviewer is going to attend his course today. Everyone is a suspect, even regular member and all-around nice guy Syd. The heat is on, Richard, so you better be prepared to Dance 'Til You Drop!


    1. EGA graphics to fit in with the time period of the game.

    2. Easter eggs that can unlock a bonus ending and add additional music tracks to play.

    3. Multiple endings and in-game outcomes based on how you treat each Jazzercise member and how you deal with unexpected trouble. Will you be naughty or nice, Richard?

    4. An in-game hint system provided by phone calls to your friendly agent, Tyler Snakeinthegrass.

    Richard 'exercises' out a little frustration on Billy Schemish!

    Download Here (.zip file, 48.3 MB)

    There are two versions of this available: one with an mp3 soundtrack and one that uses midis. Download whichever you prefer, though the mp3 version has sound effects and some general enhancements.

    I hope you have at least as much fun playing it as I did making it!

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    Default Safe code

    How did you get the safe code

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    what do you at the begining?Ihav no idea what to do?

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    I'll try this at a later date..
    I'm far to blessed to be stressed by your mess!!!!

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    I can't figure out how to use items. I can't use the cup I found.
    Edit: I need the safe code too. Can't figure it out! I looked online for a walkthrough to give me a hint, but I can't find anything... Anybody here that can help?
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    To use items, just move the mouse to the top of the screen to get the gui to show up and click in the inventory display window on the right side (the little arrows will let you move up or down through the items) . As for the safe code, Richard tells you on what day of the month his birthday falls on, you can find the month from glancing at the calendar, and you can figure out the year from his age and the year it gives you in the intro. If this is too difficult, just look up Richard Simmons' actual birthday on IMBD .

    You can get more hints here:

    Good luck!

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