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Thread: Which-way Adventure

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    Stop! Which-way Adventure


    Strange adventures trought the world

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    how do you get off the hobo train?
    Once you have finnished reading this you would have realised you have just wasted 6 seconds of your life.

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    you go to the metropolis once the place is destroyed and go to left arrow and look at desk...YOU WIN!!!!lol

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    Police and agent hasn't found yet. I think I'm at Finland.


    4th lol I was only once 2nd but never 1st

    So many ways so i play another game.
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    What is better than room escape games???? =)

    If i get bored, I go to play Action Quake 2.

    AQ2 rules!!

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    Red face no I'm not!

    Pretty funny game..stupid and short...but funny. when it comes to the part where it gives you the choice to sleep with your mom and father yourself ( it was only for curiosity sake.O.K!!) it said six butttons left, but it wouldn't let me go any farther(not that i really wanted to, your sick!!!) mabe it is a glitch check it out and see if it is.

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    Default Woah!

    i got a chick naked! go through the hole in the fence join the circus become an acrobat then go get dressed for the show theres this chick strecthing and shell ask u to help her then she gets naked!

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    lol it is funny.. ok to win a funny part, go down hole, straight, any button, school, cafateria, look whats to eat then the corn bread!
    Internet Translator

    *note that some sayings have an 'f' in them. I can't post that because it'll get blocked

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    sometimes there is ABSOLUTLY NO SIGN OF THE MANTICORE!!!! what is a manticore any way?

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