1. Up his sleevies
2. Paint
3. Earth
4. American
5. Do what Frank says
6. 8
7. Press the right arrow key (on the keyboard)
8. 10 Letters In
9. Click the egg loads (bubble floating on right is a skip)
10. Drag the words "a penguin" up and click "go"
11. Drag the key to the keyhole
12. Fine
13. Lederhosen
14. Double click the number 14
15. A Backwards Dog
16. Chris
17. Put your mouse over the brown balloon
18. Fly Sandwiches
19. Fusestopper
20. Turn switch on and click on all spots to pop them (Small purple spot in the ear is a fusestopper)
21. 30
22. Pink Clouds
23. Drag the ring around the question number to the bottom centre space of the grid
24. Space
25. When it's a jar
26. You Run. Run so far away
27. Press the number 1 on your keyboard
28. This Is Sparta!
29. On the right of the screen, far under the tap, there is a jewel. Click it. put your mouse under the C in search for a skip (its a green bomb)
30. Click the number zero in the question number (30)
31. Drive down the M4
32. Click the finger
33. Click the question number
34. Click "Death"
35. Aim for the face
36. Tequila
37. Put the mouse off the screen and wait for the elephant
38. Mash the buttons on the keyboard to get to the top (I just press the left and right arrow keys alternately)
39. Get the key in the keyhole again. It gets easier, once you have the key.
40. Toucan
41. There is a large red spot on the right of the 'T' of 'smallest'. Wait till it gets smaller and then click it. Near the skips, put your mouse over there for a fusestopper
42. Drag the left fist to the worm on the right.
43. It's from the first Impossible quiz
44. What you say!!
45. E,I,E,I,O (use the second 'E' in 'see', the 'I' in 'I see' and the 'O' in 'O Rly?'
46. Around Orion's Waist
47. Universal Serial Bus
48. USB Ports
49. Do what Frank says again. (If you don't see 'Frank says' at the top of the screen, don't press the key that it says to press)
50. Click on the dog's mouth repeatedly then move the mouse over the dog really fast.
51. Put your mouse over the word 'came' and it will form the word 'camel'. Click it.
52. Move the mouse over the lamp really fast (same as with dog)
53. Click to the right of the 'G' in 'pointing' (arrow on the G)
54. There is a small line at the bottom right corner of the screen. Drag it to where it says 'put the mouse here'
55. Pokemon
56. Click small thing between his legs
57. Four
58. Press the space bar (on keyboard)
59. Drag the 'R' in 'varnish' to make it vanish.
60. Drag the cat down.
61. To Get to the other side
62. Edam
63. Press the letter 'Q' on your keyboard for a skip and then click the quality button at the bottom of the screen (Q)
64. See above for how to find differences
65. Goat's Blood
66. Click all the leaves round the outside (not around his neck). (Purple flower is a fusestopper.)
67. Put the key in the keyhole again. (I sometimes skip this question)
68. Checkponts are for the weak and mentally challenged
69. Wait until the bomb gets to the number 2 and click the bomb
70. Click on the cat and count how many punches he gets. (you'll need that number later)
71. 28.8kbps modem
72. Violence
73. Click the bush repeatedly
74. No
75. Click the number of punches that the cat got in question 70
76. AIDS
77. A fat bloke
78. Move your mouse up and down over the handle
79. Drag the word 'on' in 'dragon' to the hole.
80. A corpse's bra
81. Duck on the bottom row
82. Wait till the bomb gets to 3 and then click 'obvious'
83. Drag the white part out of the way and click 'next'
84. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
85. NEVAR!
86. Press the letter 'u' on the keyboard
87. Click on the egg that the arrow points to (look closely)
88. Wait for the bomb to tick down all the way (fake bomb)
89. I'd have thought one of them would have ducked
90. TL;DR
91. Wait for the red target to appear and then click it
92. None - I'm on question 92 of the impossible quiz 2
93. Click the words 'odd one out'
94. Silence
95. Click the numbers in ascending order: -15.1, -4, 0, 2, 15, 15.1, 76, 151
96. Click the number next to where it says: 'number of lives'
97. Click the 'K' in 'black hole'
98. 5
99. Get 99 red balloons
100. Click 8275 and pul the lever
101. Type the alphabet
102. Drag all the boxes out the way and click the cat's face
103. Red
104. Clean all the windows by moving the mouse over them repeatedly - i use the fusestopper on this one)
105. i skip this one (can't find it)
106. Move the right eye to the robot legs and the coconut to where the right eye was.
107. Remember where the answer was to a previous question.
108. Follow the arrows (the green ones, not the red ones)
109. Graphite
110.Click thre red squares
111.spell "the alphabet" backwards (tebahpla eht)
112.Put chris's cat food into his bowl
113.Click on the colour brown (under white)
114.make his teeth fall out by brushing them (brushing is slow so think fast)
116.fit the pieces in the slots (the black slots)
117.Click on the right hand side nipple
118.Just wait
119.Name the pictures frank shows you
120.click on number 69
Congrads you have won
Oh and find all of the fusestoppers and skips but dont use them so you can get an A