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Thread: Age Of War

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    when u get to the army base guys just use double turrents and ull own them all either 2 or 3 of them work then when u get to the future just build 2 of the best turrents and ull win cause the end turrents can reach there building

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    Hi. Long time room reader, first time poster.

    Alright, alright. We all know that if you survive to the final age that Ion turrets and Super Soldiers make victory certain.

    New challenge: How quickly can the game be won? So far my best was victory in the Cathedral Age on normal, by neglecting turrets and focusing on "cavalry" types. I had both the Cave Age and Castle Age knocked down to 1/2 health before they upgraded.

    The downside to a relentless onslaught? By pushing the enemy into a corner, you can't really use any special attacks except the Cathedral Age.

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    has anyone played the impossibal one is that where they get their super soldiers. I will find out.
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    I can't get past the Cathedral Age on Impossible. They eventually swarm me faster than I can make troops. Since the special does no damage I can't catch a breather or get quick cash for cannons.

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    Thumbs up good game

    i liked it, but the CPU never makes a super soldier(i waited for 3 hours on a saturday)

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    this is an example of another great addicting game...
    i try to improve my record... now it's 22 minutes... anyone beat me?
    in the last level you must get all the turret platforms ( 4 ) until you have a high tower on top of your base. next buy the ion ( blue turret 100000$) and place it on top. that way the turret will shoot enemies when the LEAVE the base e.g. all time
    then get 4 war machines ( the tanks ) and 1 super soldier, and that will do the job pretty much ( you need a lot of money though )...
    and if you can't even make it to the last level... well... you suck
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    Great game i love it and its really fun. I had a super soldier basically the whole game after i got the last stage. What was the highest point of money on the game have you ever had.
    I only have had 200k on it.
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