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Thread: Room Mini Game

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    Angry I Hate This Game

    <<deleted>> English only please
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    a dim lite place

    Thumbs down this game scks

    this game is so dumd

    on a skale from 1 to 100 it would be 0

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    Link is no longer working, just keep getting page can't be displayed.

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    Same here, both links just eventually point to a page that tells you to wait. Nothing happenes after that.

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    I think you can delete this thread, because the game doesn't work.
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    Re-opened and moved from broken links... I added this game temporarily to my site so that it's not lost to being played. Also, b/c the complaint has been that the game was too small to see, I have resized it to make things a bit better. The game is placed on a temporary template, so if you click links, they may send you down a broken down bunny hole. You have been warned. Happy Playing!!!

    Note: I'm leaving a permanent redirect in the broken links until it can become more permanent in this site.
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    I had someone help me with it when I played... So I was thinking to keep it a game... I could give you all the numbers

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Felii View Post
    Very *small* game!!!
    I've found a kind of memo on the table concerning Cezanne, some chinese/japanese signs behind the Cezanne painting on the wall, a piggy thing and a sort of hammer on the bookshelves and.usa today protonmail.. that's it!!!
    AAARGGGHHH!!!! I really don't know how to combine things and where to find a solution!!!!
    you can hardly see anything.
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    where do I exactly key in the code to join the game ?
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