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Thread: Nearly Departed (Demo)

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    im stuck lol im rubbish at these games but there so addictive! am i suppose 2 wipe the mud off the gravestone?

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    Default hi

    Quote Originally Posted by Adventure View Post
    Downloadable demo of the John Green's point & click game Nearly Departed. Now let's hope the full version of this game will be released soon.

    Download Here

    Windows ~ Zip file: 16.3 MB
    Mac ~ Sit file: 14.6 MB

    NB: New Intel Macs and Windows Vista users could experience problems with this demo game.

    Click and hold on room objects to activate the verb disc. You will see a set of teeth, an eyeball, and a severed hand. The teeth are for mouth related actions (talk to, lick, eat, bite), the eyeball is for sight related actions (look at, read, examine), and the hand is for physical action (use, take, push, search). Use the disc actions to interact with the environment. Click and hold over what you want to interact with, rollover the proper icon, and release the mouse button.

    Click the mouse button to skip through dialog. Be careful not to miss something said that was important.

    Rollover the bottom title bar to open the inventory drawer. Rollover the hands on the left and right to scroll when you have lots of items. Click an item to "pick it up" and turn it into the cursor. Drag it over what you want to "use" it on, and when it's highlighted click the mouse again. Double click to clear the cursor and put the item away. You can also click and hold while looking in the inventory to open up the verb disc and use those actions on inventory items. You can also drag an item onto another in the inventory for some interactions.

    Press F1 or the M key to bring up the menu.

    For hints you can look here:

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    Yeah, i can do it but what will be appear then? for the pic or others?? i am not sure what is it??

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