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Thread: Bleach Training 2

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    WHat do i have to do after getting lvl90?
    go east of rukongai to check bounto?
    Where is that???

    nm got it^^
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    Angry were ichi ban

    ok were the hell is ichiban captin i looked every were and i can't find him

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    Australia but thats all you need to know.


    Hmm the game is good but is it like the Bleach anime cartoon? i think it is.
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    Yo, for some reason, I can't get Shakkahou. I already got lvl 4 of Bachonsan but even if i have skill points to spend, I can't add it!!!! This is frustrating!! I have tried to restart the game, and everything i can think of but it just doesn't work!!!! This is holding me back by a lot, I am like lvl 34 but still can't use shakkahou... Reply soon!

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    Default Problem....

    Yo, I got this problem which doesn't allow me to add skill points into shakkahou. I am like lvl 35 and I am held back by a lot, becaus eI can't relly add anything into shakkahou which means I can't use shikai and all the other stuff after it. It says that i need lvl 4 of bachosan. I got it to lvl 5 but it still doesn't work. Do i need some special stats or something or any other pre-requisites????

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobo80 View Post
    i cant get anywhere from lv 50 after i talked to the dude, He just says ;do youre best.
    I got the same thing too, I talked to the street performer dude and she told me to reassign my attributes!?

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    Well I wanted to know one thing. How do I use Getsuga? Im confused! The other attacks are: s->d->l but this one is <J>. what do I do?

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    Nice story game!

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    Dang someone beat me to it! at level 72. Tire of killing so many shadow ghosts.

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