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Thread: Other Age

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    Default Mystery Man

    for mystery man the answers to the maze:

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    Cool Somebody

    Hey can somebody buy the guide and post it here?
    Also is it possible to get Nitarou?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy_n_pinK View Post
    I reaally need help.
    I've got Neody and..
    Hey there, Did you give them in order?

    OH and how did you find the fire? I can never find it, please help

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterious View Post
    I So hate mr nobody i keep getting him and some other guy

    This Game Is Kinda Boring But I Like it
    answer the luv luv questions as follows
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    OMG i dated both brothers (lenz and zoui i think thats his name) but wat if they found out that would be bad also i found out the maze to MM[QUOTE]
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    nice little game
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    hey guys your forgetting two characters theres mystery man, and ividine left. and ividine is the hardest to win.

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    Default Mystery Guy

    Mystery Guy walk through-

    I had so much trouble with this guy and I nearly broke my laptop in frustration trying to get passed him and Ividine...

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    Mystery Man

    Mysterious, calm and unpredictable
    playing game
    homemade dinner
    dark colors
    my personality
    strange guy
    must be handsome
    another dimension
    weird hobby

    who are you?
    travel together!

    forest garden
    (love dark aura / my fav place too / like my 2nd place) choose any from these 3

    right right down right down left down right down left down right right

    it's a downward zigzag

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    I can't get a good ending with Ividine so far he's the only one to stay but all he wants to do is discuss business with my father. I cant do his minigame he goes too fast for me I can only get up to the fourth steps I think I'm going to buy the book to see if i can get like a hint or something. so now to wait for 2-3 days I hate waiting *sigh*
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    haha cant find no one

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