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Thread: Kuririn Adventure (Normal)

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    Default Kuririn Adventure (Normal)

    Play game:

    You are Kuririn, the toy representation of one of the weakest members of the Z Senshi. Your goal is to find Goku so he can do all the fighting and you cancheer him on from a distance. The path to Gok is littered with danger, and on each encounter you must guide Kuririn to safety by selecting the buttons that will appear on the console.

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    omg i hate when they call krillin kuririn

    meh, i'll complete this one later, i've got better things to do. plus i gotta post the walkthough for that blueprint ball game
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    That was a fun game. Too short though.

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    Lightbulb Game

    Done game

    Start the game go under the tabel go to the place where the guy is with ith barbies do the ? sing. got the the dirty corner talk to the monster he will fall asleep.go to the fortress push the guy.use the fire ball then end of game!!!

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